Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Asten Controls is leading Electrical Triple Offset Butterfly Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered industrial valves are well suited for various operations related to light to high pressure applications. These valves are much better in terms of reliability and durability than traditional valves. It is designed for minimum wear and maintenance, its seat is made to extend the valve life. Its sealing capacity provides zero leakage to enhance operating process at top efficiency. It is also light weighted than many other similar capacity valves such as globe valve, ball valve or gate valves provide easy installation and maintenance.

Electrical Triple offset valves were originally designed for the application of water shut off, over the years its design updates make this valve useful for other industries as well and making it perform in toughest environment conditions. It is the right solution where tight seal is required. Electrical Triple offset butterfly valve contains three separate offsets. 1. Centre line of seat sealing surface, 2. Shaft location with respect to bore centre line, 3. Seat cone angle axis that is offset from valve bore centre line. These three offset combinations provide smooth sealing surface with minimum bear between seal and seat. Moreover it can minimize disc binding and lower operating torque.

Electrical Triple offset valves are made for specific industrial and commercial applications related with their cost saving and sealing properties over other industrial valves. Its compact design, light weighted structure is easy to operate and need minimum pipe bracing. Easy replaceable seal ring and low torque operation permit small actuators for even more cost savings. It also offers zero leakage closure with fire safe design and better sealing performance at largest temperature point. It offers operational benefits and resistance to various abrasive media. It is widely used in various industries such as chemical, power, gas, oil, refineries, sugar, water treatment and many more. Its applications and uses are growing in all industries as user need effective solutions for their production requirement.